KKFS-FM - Prayer Requests

Please help us to pray for Adriana, her mother passed away yesterday night. Adriana is one of the best friends of my mother from our country El Salvador. Adriana is a believer and we pray that she receives the comfort and strength that only our Savior can give us. Thank you.

Claudia — Concord
My daughter and I have a very strained relationship. We still see each other but she is very disrespectful and often unkind to me. I have tried to talk with her about it and have prayed much about it. I am it takes both parties willing to work it out. Please pray for our relationship it is breaking my heart. Thank you (She is married and puts all of her eggs in his basket, she has 2 children and one on the way).

Cathy — Citrus Heights
pls pray for Fred Damico my ext to be and his Companion Esther Vogt for Salvation redemtion and they are doing drugs and involved in Social Security fraud. Pray for Maria Eugenia was diagnose with breast cancer. Pray for my divorce proces to be fair for the glory of the lord .

mariliza — folsom
Please pray for me, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. But I know God is good, ALL the time. I also want to pray for my finances. I listen all the time, LOVE KFIA 710!

Tina — Citrus Heights